"A life's work is always unfinished and requires creativity till the day a person dies."

from The Paper Garden:  Mrs. Delany Begins Her Life's Work at 72 by Molly Peacock

Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions

Molly Peacock has written a book of magical tales inspired by the lives of the letters of the alphabet. The 26 sensual stories of love, yearning, and self-discovery in Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions are complemented by Kara Kosaka's layered, jewel-bright collages, four of which are featured on this page. Alphabetique is now available in Canada. Order it from Chapters Indigo, McNally Robinson, or Amazon.ca.

"These are not works of naturalism," Steven W. Beattie has written about Alphabetique in Canada's National Post. "They tilt more toward fable or allegory. This immediately sets the book apart from the vast majority of Canadian short fiction, or indeed much international short fiction since Chekhov and Joyce."

Watch Molly talking about Alphabetique.

Molly Peacock: A Critical Introduction by Jason Guriel

Jason Guriel, the provocative poet/critic whose work has appeared in Poetry, Slate, and the National Post, has written a monograph, Molly Peacock: A Critical Introduction, available from Story Line Press.

The four illustrations on this page and the details throughout the website are from Alphabetique: 26 Characteristic Fictions by Molly Peacock with illustrations by Kara Kosaka, available in Canada from McClelland & Stewart/Random House Canada. Used with the permission of Kara Kosaka and the publisher.

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